“Inside the Brazilian Rhythm Section” by pianist Cliff Korman and guitarist Nelson Faria is the first instructional book of its kind. The idea of this play-along CD / book is to provide a “real playing” situation where the pianists, guitarists, bassists, and drummers can interact with the other players in the band both as accompanists and as soloists. Players at all levels of expertise will find information and inspiration as they are introduced to eight different styles of Brazilian music (samba, bossa nova, partido alto, choro, baião, frevo, marcha-rancho and afoxé) with full-length original song examples.

The authors are joined by a supporting cast with impeccable credentials in Brazilian popular music. Aficionados will recognize Paulo Braga as one of most innovative drummers in the history of the tradition, and a member of both Elis Regina’s and Antonio Carlos Jobim’s most influential ensembles. The CDs feature David Finck and Itaiguara on bass and Café on percussions.”

Nelson Faria and Cliff Korman first met in 1995, at the Winter intersession course (Festival de Inverno) in OuroPreto. As professors in the department of popular and improvised music, they gave workshops and concerts together, beginning a relationship that bears fruit with the publication of this book. They have been members of the same rhythm section on stages in Brasil, the United States, and Israel, and look forward to many years of creating, performing, and teaching music as partners.


“For many years we (here in the States) have approximated the effect of the Samba and Bossa-nova and other Brazilian rhythms. This book will put a stop to our searching for the authenticity of those rhythms. And the play along CDs are pure serendipity.”
Manny Albam (arranger)

“The book you’re holding in your hands right now is a marvel. Cliff Korman and Nelson Faria have written an instructional text dealing with not only the complexities of Brazilian music, but also with the harmonic subtleties and what it takes to achieve those wonderful grooves on the samba, bossa nova and other Brazilian rhythms.This book is a must for any serious student of Brazilian music.” Kenny Barron (pianist)

“This book makes me want to pick up my bass and play! It’s a great method to learn and practice Brazilian rhythms and an outstanding contribution to music instruction. We’ve needed this for a long time”. John Patitucci  (bassist)