Little Waltz (Ron Carter) The Apocalypse Trio- Cliff Korman, Augusto Mattoso, Rafael Barata

Apocalypse Trio
Cliff Korman (piano)
Augusto Mattoso (bass)
Rafael Barata (drums)
We’ve affectionately dubbed our trio
“Apocalypse” since our first gig, in 2012, the “end of the world” (or just a long cycle…) according to the Mayan calendar. It’s been a running joke, through perfomances on Feb. 29, on nights that the clock changed… days and hours that don’t really exist. Just that… now it’s a bit more real.
How was this recorded? Augusto called me for a duo session, and I suggested this piece by Ron Carter, which we’ve played for years, and which I love. It sounded good enough for Rafael to get enthusiastic, and record his little drum clinic video as an overdub.
Life out of real time…

The Still in Quarantine Sessions
Little Waltz (Ron Carter)©Retrac Productions
Used by permission

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